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 Attack after Kyle show 'tragedy'

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PostSubject: Attack after Kyle show 'tragedy'   Mon Mar 24, 2008 8:28 am

ITV's The Jeremy Kyle Show has been criticised after a man who found out he was not the father of his wife's baby later pointed an air rifle at her.
It was a "tragedy" Craig Platt, 27, was persuaded to go on the programme, said barrister Simon Christie.

Platt, of Kinmel Bay, Conwy, was given an indeterminate sentence for public protection after admitting the attack.

Mr Christie told Mold Crown Court ITV was awaiting the outcome of the case to decide if the show should be screened.

Platt pointed the loaded air rifle at his wife Jane a week after the discovery about her seven-month-old baby while recording the show in November, the court heard.

She escaped through the bathroom window and ran to a taxi office to get help, and was so frightened that she spoke to police from under a desk.
Mr Christie said Platt was persuaded to on the show, which was "for the purposes of producing a public spectacle".

He said: "My client indicates that the researchers wanted a degree of excitement.

"His wife was made out to be a slag and he was to get out there and stand up for his wife."

Mr Christie said he was "horrified" by what Platt "had to say about the manner in which the audience was 'whipped up'".

He also referred to a recent court case when Manchester district judge Alan Berg branded the show "a human form of bear baiting" .
He said despite being told he was not the father of the child, Platt had managed to acquit himself with some dignity.

"But clearly this matter ate away at him during the following week. Drink didn't help," Mr Christie said.

"Matters came to a head when he had too much to drink and the situation, for him, became intolerable."

Prosecutor Gareth Preston told the court the couple had been in a relationship from 1999 until 2006.

'Jealousy and paranoia'

She later found out she was pregnant, the child was born last April and she told Platt he may be the child's father. He said the issue did not seem to be a problem.

They married in October, he said, but Platt showed signs of "deep jealousy and paranoia" and was convinced his wife was being unfaithful.

The couple were then persuaded to appear on the show.

Sentencing Platt, who admitted possessing a firearm with intent to cause fear of violence, Recorder Robert Trevor Jones said he took into account the recent background which proved the catalyst.

But the judge said Platt had committed a very serious offence in drink and argued with his wife, not so much about the legacy of the television show, but because of jealous accusations he was making.

The court heard Platt had previous convictions, including an affray when he swung a samurai sword at police and then hid under floorboards, threatening to ignite a gas.

A spokesperson for the Jeremy Kyle show: "Mr Platt willingly took part in our programme with his wife because he wished to establish the paternity of her child.

"We utterly refute any suggestion that either our guests or the audience were manipulated prior to or during the recording of the programme.

"It is reported that the judge in this case indicated Mr Platt's offence was committed under the influence of alcohol and his argument with his wife was not so much about the legacy of the programme but because of jealous accusations he was making."
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Attack after Kyle show 'tragedy'
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